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Engen Agritrac Super Universal is a new generation ”Super Tractor Universal Lubricant”, designed to provide the farmer with ONE top quality, multigrade, multi-functional lubricant. Stocking one lubricant reduces the chances of misapplication and reduces inventory costs. Improvements have been made to the base oils used (the building blocks of a lubricant) to improve its low temperature properties. The lubricant circulates faster on start-up, reducing wear, as well giving smooth and easy gear selection when the machine is still cold. This improvement also results in smooth quick and accurate operation of the hydraulic system as well as providing excellent ‘wet’ brake performance without any ‘squawk or chatter’. The volatility, or the amount of evaporation at high temperature, has been reduced which results in less topping up of the oil used in the engine. It has been tested by and exceeded the highest technical specifications of the major international equipment manufacturers.
Engen Agritrac Super Universal is recommended for use in Diesel four stroke, both naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, as well as older petrol engines, manual transmissions, final drives (including those fitted with wet brakes), and hydraulic systems in tractors, harvesters, balers, pumping sets and most other farm equipment where STOU, UTTO, API CG-4/SF, and API GL-4 performance level lubricants are called for.

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Application Recommended for use in all types of passenger cars and latest model high performance cars fitted with fuel injections, multi-valves, turbochargers or superchargers operating under the most extreme conditions.
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